Transforming the Energy World with Solar Energy Services

Browning Electric has installed dozens of residential and commercial solar systems, and owner Justin Browning has headed the installation of hundreds more.

the Owner

Justin Browning has 5 years of experience in solar installation with a foundation in electrical work. He has maintained his NABCEP Installer Certification since 2016. NABCEP is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners and is the only certification board that establishes an individual’s proficiency in the solar industry. This certification must be renewed every three years. Justin frequently enrolls and takes various forms of continuing education classes to keep up on the latest code requirements, products, and innovation in this industry.


Justin believes in getting the job done right the first time, because it is far more costly to go back later and fix a job after the fact. We are a family owned business that takes pride in our reputation, and you’ll speak to a professional every time. All too often in both the solar and electrical industries, we have seen other companies cutting corners. We regularly receive calls to check out systems installed by others that are not working properly. Many of these systems were installed incorrectly and most likely by someone who was unqualified. We are making our name on integrity, and we will do that by providing exceptional service every single time.

The Browning Electric Difference?

All of our roof-mounted residential systems employ module-level equipment. In a traditional system, several solar modules are strung together to make one unit. What this means in practice is that when one of those modules gets shaded, the whole string loses some of its production. Because we use module-level DC optimizers or AC microinverters, each module acts independently of the rest, therefore improving production in shady or cloudy conditions. Module-level equipment also means module-level monitoring which can detect when a module, optimizer, or microinverter is underperforming or not working. This allows us to quickly investigate the issue and pursue warranty claims on the failed equipment. All of this means the customer is getting more power from their system in general, and less downtime if something were to fail.


All of the solar panels we use are manufactured in North America and carry a 25 year warranty.

We provide a 25 year warranty on all of our inverters, microinverters and DC optimizers.


Browning Electric provides a 10 year workmanship warranty that covers any defects in workmanship including wiring issues, roof leaks resulting from racking penetrations, and any warranty-related equipment replacement