Be the Change: 7 Environmental Advantages of Using Solar Energy in Your Home

Solar power doubled in 2016 and growth remains strong in many states.

One of the advantages of solar energy is fewer negative environmental impacts. Traditional methods of generating energy have a huge environmental impact.

In this article, we’ll go over the different environmental advantages of solar energy for your home.

Environmental Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar power is often touted as a green form of energy production. As more homes switch to solar power, pollution will lessen.

All renewable sources of energy are preferable to traditional energy generation. Let’s take a look at specific positive environmental impacts of solar power.

1. Doesn’t Use Fuel

Creating electricity from the sun doesn’t require combustible fuels.

Harvesting fossil fuels from the planet generates incredible pollution. By using solar power, we’re able to avoid catastrophic events that harm the environment like oil spills and chemical leaks.

2. Doesn’t Emit Greenhouse Gases

Another advantage of solar power is it doesn’t produce greenhouse gas. This is one of the biggest advantages of solar power.

The greenhouse effect is partially responsible for global warming. Largescale climate change has a massive impact on a broad spectrum of factors, from melting the polar icecaps to altering weather patterns.

3. Limitless

Unlike finite fossil fuels, solar power won’t run out. You won’t need an additional source of solar power. This removes the need for other energy sources, which means no more polluting the water, air, and land.

4. The Planet Isn’t Disrupted

The growth of deeper fossil fuel recovery methods has caused big problems. Drawing out fossil fuels from deep shale can contribute to instability in the Earth’s crust. This has led to an increase in earthquakes. 

5. Less Physical Waste Is Generated

Solar power systems last for a long time. As long as panels are cleaned, they will work for up to 25 years. Parts don’t need replacing or disposing of often. This reduces the amount of waste in landfills.

The proper disposal of solar systems is heavily regulated. Your system won’t contribute to the destruction of the environment after it’s replaced.

6. Local Wildlife Isn’t Affected

Find the best installation contractor. When properly installed, solar systems do not impede the natural ecosystem. Infrastructure like power lines destroy habitats, while solar power leaves it untouched.

7. Less Harmful Than Other Green Options

When compared to other green sources of renewable energy, solar power is the cleanest.

Wind and water power can disrupt local wildlife populations. Solar power is easily harnessed without harmful disruption.

Take control over your carbon footprint

The effects of climate change are felt more every year. Unstable weather patterns damage crops and wildlife, and pollutants make air unsafe to breathe.

The advantages of solar energy revolve around preserving the health of the planet. Make the switch before time runs out. The more we use solar power, the better our planet will be for future generations.

If you are in the Kansas City metro area and want to switch to renewable solar power, contact us. Browning Electric can help your household transition from electric to solar.

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