Common Myths That Other Solar Companies Don’t Want You to Know About

Solar energy is energizing the United States. Nearly half of Americans say they are considering adding a solar system to their home.

But only six percent of Americans have done so. One reason is solar companies. They spread many myths about panels in order to promote their services, and they wind up deterring people from a purchase.

Do solar panels work when it is cloudy? What are their actual costs? How do they affect roofing?

Answer these questions, and you can find the best solar company for your needs. Here is your guide to a few common myths.

Solar Panels Don’t Work When It’s Cloudy

Solar panels run on sunshine. When the sun is behind the clouds, it makes sense that they wouldn’t work.

But sunlight is shining through the clouds. Panels can use this light to create power, even though they are more effective when the sunlight is direct. Operating at 20% capacity is still enough to power lights and appliances.

Though they cannot produce power in the rain, rain is helpful to solar panels. It cleans the dust that has gathered on them, allowing them to operate at full capacity.

Solar Panels Are Costly

Most homes that have solar panels are in suburban and wealthier areas. Many companies charge exorbitant rates for their services. This leads people to believe panels must be costly.

But they are rather affordable. The cost of the system runs between 15,000 and 25,000 dollars.

This sounds like a lot of money, but the system starts producing electricity right away. You will need to buy less electricity from the utility companies. The power you produce will offset the power you need from the grid, so you will save money in the long run.

Residential Solar Destroys Roofing

Most solar systems are on roofs. It makes sense that people would believe that the panels damage roofing. Some companies even take advantage of this belief and offer expensive services “to protect your roof.”

If you are concerned about your roof, you can install your solar system in a yard or field. But you shouldn’t be concerned.

Most types of roofs can support solar panels, including shingled ones. It is true that wood roofs are not ideal for panels, even lightweight ones.

But you can get a system for nearly anything else. You can make some preparations before installing solar panels on your roof. Fix any damaged spots and have someone inspect the roof’s integrity.

The Facts Solar Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Solar companies spread quite a bit of misinformation. They say that most solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy, though theirs do. In reality, panels draw in sunlight from the clouds.

They say that most panels are costly, which justifies their high prices. But systems don’t cost more than 25,000 dollars.

They say that most panels damage roofing. You cannot use panels on a wooden roof. But other materials don’t get damaged during the installation process.

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