Top 7 Must-Haves When Buying Solar In Kansas City

Did you know that over 17% of all energy production in the United States comes from renewable energy sources? Solar energy is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy, and why not? The sun’s energy is 100% free and environmentally friendly. If you are ready to make the switch to solar, you probably have a lot of questions. This handy guide can help find out what to look for when selecting your best option for solar in Kansas. 

1. Make Sure the Company Is Reputable

Word of mouth is an excellent start when it comes to your selection process for a solar company. You should always verify what friends or neighbors have to say by checking online review sites.

Make sure that the companies you are deciding between are fully certified. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource to use when doing your research. Making sure that your company is legitimate will help you avoid scams or getting ripped off.

2. Choosing the Right System

There are many different types of solar panel systems. Choosing the right one for your home or business is only half the battle. You also need to make sure that a reputable local company specializes in the installation of your desired system.

Photovoltaic systems are often far more versatile and better suited for electricity production than passive solar systems. But there are different forms of photovoltaic systems each with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. 

Ask any potential installation companies what types of systems they offer. Be sure to ask them what they specialize in as well. That way you know that you will get a professional-quality job at an affordable price.

3. Tax Credits for Solar in Kansas

Tax credits are a major incentive for installing solar panel systems. Before getting your system, make sure that you are eligible for tax credits. You also should check and make sure that the specific type of system you have selected meets any mandatory criteria.

By ensuring your eligibility before installation, you save yourself the headache of trying to navigate the bureaucratic system afterwords. It also saves you money in the event of ineligibility for any reason.

You may also be eligible for special rebates or government subsidies that can go towards the installation of your system. Make sure to do your research beforehand to find out the depth of the money you could save.

4. Know Your Company’s Installation Capacity

Your home or business may need more solar panels than a company is capable of installing. Before you choose a company, you should first know how many solar panels that your building needs.

Some companies specialize in large jobs, while others are more adept at handling smaller-scale solar installations. Some charge per panel, while others charge for the amount of labor involved.

Many variables can influence the cost of your particular installation. Knowing the scope and scale of your installation helps a lot when determining what company works best for your situation.

5. Find Out About Warranties

A reputable professional service should offer some sort of warranty on their workmanship. This should also be extended to the functionality of the solar system in general well after the initial installation.

Top companies offer a 25-year warranty on the quality of materials as well as a 10-year warranty on workmanship. This can even extend to the structural integrity of your roof in the event of a leak caused by your solar power system.

If a solar company won’t give you an iron-clad warranty on both materials and workmanship, find another who will. It simply is not worth getting something installed that they won’t stand behind.

6. Total Kilowatts Produced

When talking to a solar installation company, one of the questions at the top of your list should be about the total kilowatts your system has the potential to produce.

Kansas has excellent net metering policies. This means that if you produce more electricity than you use, you can sell it back to the grid at a premium rate. This is a great way to save money fast and pay back the installation costs of your solar system while you’re at it.

Different types of systems have different kilowatt producing potential, so make sure to contact your installation company about capabilities prior to making a decision. There is nothing better than watching the meter run backward and knowing you saved big!

7. Ask About Solar Loans

Just because you may be living on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to make the solar switch. You may be eligible for a solar loan that pays for itself in the long run.

Many financial institutions will loan you money for specific types of solar systems. A reputable professional installation company might be able to set you up on a payment plan as well. 

There is a lot of state and federal money that goes into solar system incentives. One of these incentives could be a loan for prospective solar system owners. Talk to your company prior to an installation to see what loan options they offer.

Some companies may even set you up with an in-house loan that requires little money down and minimal credit checks. Solar loans should play a major part in your decision-making process when it comes to picking a company.

Solar Is the Future of Energy

Don’t lag behind the times and miss the boat by not taking advantage of the free energy the sun produces. It is only a matter of time before solar energy replaces fossil fuels as the energy standard across the globe.

If you are ready to make the solar switch, you are probably looking for the best company to help you go solar in Kansas. There are many companies to choose from, but not all of them may suit your needs.

Get an estimate from us today and see how competitive our prices are when compared to the overall market. For all your other solar news and information make sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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