What to Consider When Buying Kansas City Solar Panels

In just one hour, the sun delivers more energy to the earth than what the entire global population uses in a whole year. We now have the technology to collect that energy and use it for heating, cooling, and lighting our homes. And if you’re a Kansas City resident, you may have more than environmental reasons to consider installing solar panels. The potential for cost savings and even earnings with a home solar system is high. But depending on where you live in Kansas City, there are a few items you should consider before calling for an installation. Keep reading to learn more about what to consider when buying Kansas City solar panels.

Home Solar Systems Earnings and Savings 

The first consideration when you’re thinking about home solar systems is just how much sun you get. Of course, the more sunshine you have to collect, the more energy you can produce, and the more money stays in your pocket. Fortunately, Kansas City sees an annual average of 2,713 hours of sunshine every year.

Another reason to consider Kansas City solar panels are the rising costs of energy. There are currently no solid plans on how to control rising energy costs in Kansas City, but solar panels allow you to lower your energy bills on your own terms. By producing your own energy, you’re protected from costs that have nowhere to go but up.

Kansas City residents who install solar panels can also claim a property tax exemption. This exemption applies to the value of any improvement from solar energy. So not only do solar panels add value to your home, but that added value is also exempt from increasing property tax. 

Kansas City Solar Panels Rebates and Credits

Kansas City, Missouri residents who produce their own energy have access to solar incentives. The first incentive is a rebate from the metropolitan area’s largest utility provider, Evergy. They currently provide a rebate of 25 cents per watt.

While Kansas residents don’t qualify for that rebate, there is a 22% federal tax credit that’s available across the US. This tax credit will expire if not renewed by Congress in 2023, so now is the time to take advantage and install rooftop solar panels.

The Solar Demand Charge in Kansas

Depending on whether you’re a resident of Kansas or Missouri, you might be charged an additional fee levied by Evegy.

Customers of Evegy in Kansas are required to pay a monthly solar demand charge. The charge is based on your peak energy usage and it can cost more than an extra $100 per month. Although existing solar customers were grandfathered in 2019 and don’t have to pay the fee, new customers will have to pay.

Permits for Kansas City Solar Panels

If you live on the Missouri side of Kansas City, you’ll need permits before installing solar panels. Under the Kansas City Zoning and Development Code, provisions have been added for the installation and use of solar energy systems.

The requirements you’ll have to meet are minimal, but still necessary. You can submit your installation plans for review and approval online.

Ready to Install Solar Panels?

Kansas City solar panels are an excellent investment in a city with nearly 3,000 hours of annual sunlight. A solar panel system adds value to your home, safeguards you from rising energy costs, and comes along with incentives, depending on where in Kansas City you live.

If you’re ready to become energy independent, contact us for your free solar quote.

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