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We are here to serve homeowners and business owners in Missouri and Kansas that want to save money and reduce their environmental impact. We are a small, private company that takes pride in our quality installations and service at competitive prices. Get a free quote and find out how much you could save!


Formed with  15 total years of experience, Browning Electric is here to serve the solar installation needs of Missouri and Kansas. We are a small, private company that takes pride in our quality installations and service at competitive prices. The owner, a NABCEP certified master electrician, is personally involved with the design and installation of every system we sell and install.

Why Solar?


Why Now?

Solar prices still continue to drop year after year, but that pace has begun to slow and incentives have begun to ramp down and/or disappear. At the end of this year, the federal tax credit will be 30%.
Solar panels and their associated equipment have never been cheaper, higher-quality, or more efficient than they are today. Their value as an electrical production source has increased so much that solar is now a cheaper source of electricity than coal.
It is no longer the “Wild West.” Some consumers who may have looked into solar years ago may have found a somewhat fledgling industry with lots of inexperienced installers and no shortage of shady companies that seemed to form and disappear almost overnight. These days, the industry is much more mature. From panel and inverter manufactures to sales companies and installers, solar companies like Browning Electric LLC, are in the solar business for the long run to take  care of warranty and workmanship claims. As systems become more common, inspectors for local jurisdictions have become more familiar with solar and know how to spot shoddy installs and code violations before they can become hazards.
The planet is on fire!
Please let us show you how solar makes cents for you and our planet today!


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With the exception of some rural areas, all of our systems come with system monitoring included. This allows you to see what your system is producing, on a real time basis, right from your computer or smart phone. These monitoring systems are pretty neat and allow you to see how much energy any given panel has produced on a given day, month, or year. It also allows us to see if your system is running properly, or if the system needs attention. If we or the customer find an issue, we can send someone out to fix it right away, so you get the most out of your investment.

All solar panels we install are warrantied for 25 years by the manufacturer. Our higher end panels are guaranteed to only degrade by 10% by year 25, meaning, in the last year of the warranty, they should still be producing 90% of the power they made when they were brand new. 

The actual installation is going to be the quickest part of the whole process, and can typically be done in just 1-2 days for roof mounts, or 3-5 days for a ground-mount. After you sign a contract, it can often take 2-3 months to do all the requisite paperwork, obtain permits, and order materials. We know it can be exhausting waiting for your new system to be installed, but you can’t fight City Hall, and we want you to have reasonable expectations.

A cash financed system will pay for itself in about 7-8 years, leaving the owner with well over 15 years of free electricity after the system pays for itself. Our solar loan program offers no money down and your new utility bill plus your loan payment will be less than your old utility bill, so you can start saving in your first month with no out-of-pocket expense. With electricity rates in the region expected to rise 4% per year, solar also provides an attractive way to hedge against cost increases

In six years of installing solar panels, the owner has not had one single incidence of a roof leak. The racking systems we employ are UL listed and, when installed properly, are completely insusceptible to leaking.

Any system can employ batteries, but for most customers, they are unnecessary and cost-prohibitive. 99% of systems we install are grid-tied, meaning you are still connected to the power grid, and electricity can flow both ways. Here’s how it works: Your system produces power during the day while most people are at work and not using much power. The excess power is sent out onto the grid where it is used by area homes and businesses. Your meter records how much power is going out, and the power company essentially gives you a credit to use that same amount of power when you get home at night. In this way, the utility is basically acting as the battery, storing the energy you produced to be used later.

Solar systems have no moving parts, and are therefore generally maintenance free. However, it is not unheard of for system components to fail and need replacement. But, because all system components are warrantied for the life of the system, any equipment failure could be easily replaced at no cost to the homeowner.”


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