Top 5 Signs It’s Time for a Solar Panel Replacement

Did you know that 79% of Americans support the use of solar energy? If you’ve already made the jump to solar, you might be wondering what’s required to maintain your panels. After all, if a storm inflicts damage or your panels are old, they might not be providing the greener benefits you want.

Read on to learn about the top 5 signs that it’s time for a solar panel replacement! 

1. Your Panels Are Old

Generally speaking, you can expect a solar panel lifespan of around 25 years or more. See what your warranty covers, too,  if you have an aging system that’s not meeting your expectations. 

Check the details on the electrical output potential assigned to your panel. If it’s not hitting the mark, turn to a reputable solar energy company for help replacing old solar panels. 

2. The Panels Lose Efficiency

As panels age, they lose efficiency each year. You may be able to access information regarding your panel’s voltage and current numbers easily. If not, turn to a multimeter for a reading. 

Ultimately, when you’ve had your solar panel for around 20 years, it should be functioning at around 90% of its original, brand-new capacity. If your panel is not hitting that benchmark, it could be time for an upgrade. 

3. You Experience Solar Panel Damage

Did a violent summer storm just roll through the area? Falling tree limbs or hail could wreak havoc on your solar panels. Even though the panels likely are made from tempered glass, they are not immune to damage.

It’s smart to have a solar panel specialist inspect your panels for damage following storms. You don’t want cracks in the surface of panels since they can let water enter and create more problems. 

4. Poor Panel Quality Merits Replacement

Maybe you bought a house that already had a residential solar system. Or maybe you bought cheaper panels hoping you had found a bargain, only to be disappointed by their output.

In either scenario, you’re dealing with low-quality solar panels. Cheaper panels won’t be as efficient in converting energy, and they could be more prone to damage. Your best bet is to replace a poor panel with a higher-quality one that will serve you well. 

5. You See Unusual Color Shifts

You might notice the color of your solar panel has shifted to something that looks brown around the edges. If you notice unusual color changes, take action right away. You may need to invest in installing new solar panels

Color shifts can suggest that the laminate on the panel is compromised. And when the laminate is damaged, you’ll end up with a less efficient solar panel.

Pursue Solar Panel Replacement

Solar panel replacement is necessary when your panels have aged and become less efficient. Additionally, if you notice cracks or discoloration, you may need to replace a solar panel. Keep tabs on your solar panel’s performance to see if you notice any decline, as well. 

When you need help installing new solar panels or fixing existing ones, contact us so we can help! 

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