Are Solar Panels Worth It in 2019? Here’s the Truth

Did you know that of all U.S. states, Missouri burns the most coal (after Texas) to generate electricity? Or that 40% of the state’s households rely on electricity for home heating alone?

That’s right. That’s how much Missourians rely on electricity, even if they can take advantage of the sun’s power.

After all, the state enjoys an average of 206 sunny days every year. In fact, solar panels can still generate power even during overcast days.

The thing is, a solar panel system can be quite a huge investment.

So, the question now is, are solar panels worth it? What are their benefits that justify their price?

We’re here to prove how and why solar energy is definitely worth it, so be sure to keep reading!

Are Solar Panels Worth It? Yes, Starting from Day One

From the moment you start using your solar panels, you’re already recouping your costs. Every kilowatt you draw from your panels gets deducted from your electricity bill.

Of course, it’ll still take time to recoup the entire cost of your solar panel system installation. How long depends on how much solar power you use, the size of the system, and the tax credits you get.

Still, you’ll see your electricity bill drop as soon as you draw energy from the panels. You can even eliminate your entire bill if you go completely solar.

You Can Bring Installation Costs Down with Tax Incentives

You can get a 30% tax credit for a solar power system installed and in service by December 31, 2019. After this and up until December 31, 2020, the incentive will go down to 26%. Any other systems placed in service by December 31, 2021 will get a 22% credit.

The State of Missouri also has its own rebate programs for using solar energy.

That said, the sooner you make the switch to solar, the more savings you can get and the sooner you can recoup your costs.

Solar Panels are Becoming More Affordable

The average cost range of solar panel installation in the U.S. is between $16,300 and $30,500. Granted, that’s a lot of money, but it doesn’t include federal and state incentives yet.

Besides, the cost of solar panels has already dropped a whopping 73% from 2010 to 2018. This downward trend will continue with more solar technology advancements in the works. Come 2020, experts believe that solar PV systems could deliver electricity for $0.03 per kWh.

Solar Energy is Key to Mitigating Global Warming

The question, “is solar energy worth it?”, isn’t only about your wallet — it’s also about the environment. Going solar means you’ll reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions. These gases are the culprit behind the greenhouse effect, a major cause of global warming.

Note that in the U.S., production of electricity is the second-biggest generator of these gases. Almost 63% of the electricity the U.S. uses comes from burning fossil fuels.

By making the switch to solar now, you can do your part in saving the environment. That makes solar energy totally worth it.

Start Saving Now with Top-Notch Solar Panel Installation

We hope that this post has answered your question, “Are solar panels worth it?” True, setting up the system will be a considerable cost, but it’s only a one-time expense. It doesn’t even have to be a lump sum payment, as there are solar loans available.

The bottom line is, all the benefits and advantages of solar power make it truly worth the cost. 

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