Are Solar Panels Worth It in 2021? Here’s What You Need to Know

Approximately 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strike the Earth at all times. That’s 10,000 times more than the world’s total energy use!

As long as the sun is shining, we can use that renewable energy. Solar panels harness the energy from the sun to provide electricity to homes and businesses.

But, making the switch to solar power is a big decision. If you’re looking to go solar, we’ve got the info you need. Keep reading to learn more about solar energy. 

How Does Solar Energy Work?

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, the amount of light that hits the Earth in 90 minutes is enough to power the entire planet’s energy consumption for a year.

Solar energy technology harnesses the radiation from the sun and turns it into usable energy. Currently, the two technologies are photovoltaics and concentrating solar-thermal power. 

The solar panel installation process can take time, but it’s worth it. Let’s take a look to see if solar panels are a good decision for your home.  

Are Solar Panels Right for Your Home? 

If you’re looking to reduce your overall electricity expenses and you’re willing to invest time and money now to benefit in the future, solar panels could be for you. 

The three most popular types of solar panels are thin-film, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline. There are pros and cons to each of those. For example, thin-film will save you money upfront, while monocrystalline will last the longest before needing to be repaired or replaced. 

Going solar is easier than you may think. With help from the right professionals, you’ll be using the sun to generate your electricity in no time. 

Installing Solar Panels 

Sustainable energy is good for the planet and your wallet. What you pay outright for solar panels is based on efficiency, capacity, and where you live. 

To encourage United States residents to install solar panels, the government offers tax credits. As a result, the average-sized American household can expect to pay between $10,000 and $15,000 for solar panels. 

The installation process is best handled by professionals. When you purchase a system, the two most important pieces are the panels and inverters. 

Your installer will have you sign a contract before any panels are put in. Before they can start the process, they’ll need to check the condition of your roof to ensure it can support the weight. They’ll also need to examine your home’s circuit breaker or electrical panel. 

Once your house is cleared for solar panel installation, the actual process may only take a few days. Once the installation is complete, someone from your local government will arrive to check and approve the work. After that, you’re free to connect your panels to the grid. 

Once you have a confirmed connection, you can contact your electric company to have them connect your solar panel system to their grid. 

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So, what do you think? Is 2021 the year to go solar?

If you’re considering installing solar panels for your home, we can help you decide what your best options are. For more information on solar energy and what the installation process is like, contact us today. 

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