How Long Do Solar Panels Last on Average?

Would you like to save money on utilities while saving the world? How about lowering your carbon emissions and limiting your carbon footprint? If you said yes to either of these questions, chances are you have considered adding solar panels to your home. How long do solar panels last? It’s a fair question.

If you’re weighing your options for going solar against potential costs, we understand. We’ll break down how long a standard panel should last to help you consider your options of going solar. 

How Long Do Solar Panels Last Anyway? 

According to reports from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, roughly 80% of panels outlast their warranty. How long is that warranty? 

The typical warranty for a solar panel lasts 25 years. During this time, manufacturers guarantee that they will operate at near peak efficiency. 

Most panels are expected to produce at least 80% of their standard output over the life of the warranty. 

That means if a panel produces 400 watts of electricity, it should produce 320 watts of electricity up to the 25-year mark. Some companies offer even longer warranties.

In addition, most panels also come with a workmanship warranty to cover defects. The typical length of a workmanship warranty is 10 years. Although some manufacturers offer 20-year warranties. 

Most panels degrade by less than 1% each year. That means after 25 years, your solar panel should operate at somewhere around 75% efficiency. 

According to Value Penguin, the median duration of homeownership in the United States is 13.3 years.

This would suggest that most panels outlast their homeowner.

How to Maintain the Life of Solar Panels

The first way to make sure your panels last as long as they can is to take proper care of them. 

Your solar panels will be the strongest part of your solar system. To provide upkeep for your solar system you’ll need to check on the inverters and the batteries. 

When Should I Replace My Inverters? 

You should look to replace your inverters every 10 years. This is because most grid-tie inverters have a warranty of around 10 years.

This way, your inverter will always be under warranty and help extend the life of your solar panels. 

When Should I Replace My Batteries? 

Most batteries have a warranty that lasts between three and ten years. You should have your batteries inspected each year for quality purposes. 

To care for batteries, make sure to recharge them. Leaving them uncharged for a period of time could render them useless. 

Caring for your inverters and batteries will extend the lifespan of solar panels. 

Benefits of Solar Panels

When you decide to go solar, you should know that you are making a cost-effective and life-changing decision.

It has widespread positive benefits to your community and the world. 

According to, moving away from fossil fuels helps: 

  • Reduces water consumption
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Significantly adds value to your home

Solar panels can do environmental good and save you money in the process. 

Are You Considering Going Solar? 

We hope this answers the question, “How long do solar panels last?”

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