Missouri Solar Panel Incentives: Earning Rebates (and Even Cash)

If you’ve ever considered going solar, now’s your time to shine, literally! Solar and its prices have never been lower, more efficient, or more effective. With solar panel incentives, there’s no excuse to hold out even another day.

Living somewhere that’s sunny more often than not calls for solar. Missouri has 206 sunny days a year, with 33 of those days exceeding 90 degrees. What many don’t know is that solar panels also work on cloudy days; so now there’s really no reason to wait any longer.

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, our solar panels incentives can serve your environment, your home and your wallet.

Read on to find out why solar is surging right now!

Solar Panel Incentives

Frankly, we don’t think going solar needs incentives, but they help make the switch a no-brainer. See how you might benefit from a solar rebate with the solar panel incentives listed below. 

Benefits of going solar include:

  1. A 25-year production warranty
  2. Environmental conservation and stronger power grids in your community
  3. Increased property value
  4. 3-8 year payback, depending on your property
  5. 26% federal tax credits (which can include cash!)
  6. $0.25/watt rebate from KCP&L
  7. Selling solar power to generate income

While increased environmental awareness is a perfect reason to go solar, selling solar power adds a whole new dimension to the cause.

No matter which solar panel incentives entice you, you can have them all. Your solar rebates depend on your property, your solar grid and your utility company. Here’s how it works.

Selling Solar

Solar panel installations use a photovoltaic system (PV). With the use of inverters, solar panels make electrical utility grids with currents produced from the sun.

Browning Electric uses a module-level DC optimizer or an AC microinverter. These inverters ensure maximum energy efficiency so that even your cloudy days don’t go to waste. Once you understand the basics of your solar grid, you can understand how to sell solar.

The amount of money you can make selling solar depends on a system called net metering. You are compensated for the energy you save. Not only do you get to feel good about doinggood, but you get rewarded for it too.

It gets better. If you’re incentivized by your home’s savings, consider how much money a solar farm can make. A solar farm operates as a solar station on a greater scale—up to thousands of panels!

The planet thanks you.

Go Solar!

Going solar is attractive to homeowners, business and property owners, utility companies, and those with green thumbs. While solar panel incentives offer many rewards, there’s one that reward outshines them all.

Switching to solar provides a deepened understanding of our co-existence. By understanding your individual impact in your community, you can see your greater impact in the world. All from a few solar panels.

The lasting impact of solar is a changed person. With greater awareness of your choices, your lifestyle shifts. What’s even better is that it’s contagious. 

With federal, state and Browning Electric’s solar panel incentives, we’ve got everything you need. Join the solar surge and get a free quote from us today!

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