Residential Solar Power: Is Your Roof Suitable for Installing Solar Panels?

Now’s the perfect time to make the move to solar energy. Don’t think about it any longer, as you can take advantage of the federal solar tax credit.

Before you call a company to install your solar panels, you must determine if your roof is suitable. Your home’s roof must be a good fit for your new solar panels. 

Installing solar panels on the wrong roof type can do no good. It’s best to install solar panels on a suitable roof. Read on to learn the best types of roofs to install solar panels. 

Roofing Material

Let’s discuss the roofing materials that are most compatible with solar panels. A metal roof is a good fit for solar panels.

Most of the time, there’s no need to drill holes in a metal roof to install solar panels. A mounting system can make it possible to clamp the panels onto the seams. 

Metal roofs are also good insulators. This makes them very energy efficient. 

Standard clay tile and Spanish tile roofs are also ideal. Solar panels can go onto standard penetrating mounts. This makes it easy to install solar panels. 

An asphalt roof won’t suffer damage if solar panels are installed on it. The same goes for an EPDM rubber roof, a TPO roof, and a PVC roof. 

If you have a wood or slate roof, you might be out of luck. These two types of roofs have brittle material that can easily break. Installing solar panels on these roofs can be more expensive. 

Shape and Size of Roof

The average residential solar system is about five kilowatts. This means that you’ll need to have at least 300 feet of surface area on your roof. Your roof should be ample enough to fit the panels without issues. 

Make sure to consult with your solar panel installer company. The company you work with will need to do a measurement of the size of your roof. The workers will tell you if the shape and size of your roof are a good fit. 

Your roof should be in good shape as well. The best types of solar panels last for 25-40 years. It isn’t wise to install solar panels on an aging roof that you’ll have to replace. 

Orientation of Roof

To reap the full benefits of solar panels, it’s best to install solar panels facing due south. It’s ideal if your roof faces this direction. A roof that receives a good amount of sunlight is also ideal for your solar panels. 

Installing Solar Panels on the Right Type of Roof

If you plan on installing solar panels, you should make sure your roof is suitable for them. As you read, metal is the best roof for solar panels. The same goes for asphalt and standard clay roofs.  

Contact us to get a free solar quote. You can speak with an agent who will walk you through the process of installing solar panels. 

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