Solar in Missouri: A Brief Overview of Cost and Savings

So far, about 1.6% of all of the electricity that the United States generates comes from solar power. However, you should expect that number to go way up over the next few years. Solar energy is currently the fastest-growing source of new energy in the United States! 

There are a lot of reasons that so many people are looking at the pros and cons of solar power and deciding that it is worth it to them. Solar technology has progressed a very great deal in the past several years. 

So what exactly are the benefits of solar in Missouri? Read on to learn all about what solar power can do for you!

Benefits of Solar Energy in Missouri 

There are many benefits of solar power that offset the cost of solar panels in Missouri. As most people know, getting solar panels for your home or business will decrease your energy bills.

Recently, solar panel technology has progressed enough to allow panels to capture up to 25% of the energy of the sunlight that falls on them. This is enough to lower energy bills by hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Solar farms in Missouri are getting better and better returns on their investment.

Solar panels also increase the value of your home. Many people in the market for a home appreciate the energy savings they can enjoy through a home with solar panels. Solar panels function well even after 25 years of use, so they are an investment in home value that will stick around for a long time.

On top of everything else, of course, solar panels are also great for the environment. Solar energy is plentiful and free. It also produces no greenhouse gases.

At the end of the day, solar panels are a clean energy that will become more and more common in the future. The more that we use them today, the longer our non-renewable energy sources will last.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Missouri?

When solar panel companies in Missouri install panels for your home, local utilities may provide a rebate. This will bring down the cost of your investment. On top of that, government tax credits will further reduce the cost. 

After accounting for these facts, a solar installation job might cost around $10,000. The savings on electrical bills will probably pay off that amount within about 8 years. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar in Missouri

We hope that you were able to take away something helpful from this brief article on some of the benefits of solar in Missouri. Solar technology is continuing to progress, making it a better and better deal all the time for users. Although not everybody is using solar power yet, in the future, they probably will be.

To learn more about the benefits of solar power and how you might be able to enjoy them, you can reach out and get in touch with us here anytime! 

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