5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Contractor Before Having Panels Installed

Do you know the right questions to ask a solar electric contractor? Installing solar panels for your home or business is an exciting experience that allows you to save money on your electric expenses.

For you to end up with the perfect power system, you need to be careful that you’re hiring the best solar energy contractor that takes pride in giving you a superb service.

Here are five essential questions to ask an installer before you hire them.

1. Ask the Solar Energy Contractor About His Formal Experience

Before a contractor comes to your location to begin the installation, find out about his professional background.

Does the contractor have extensive training in his field? How many solar installations has he performed? These are good questions to ask because you need insight into the contractor’s credibility.

Learning this information gives you the confidence of the smooth installation of solar panels on your roof. 

2. Should You Get a New Roof Before Installation?

What type of issues do you have with your roof?

A roof inspection is critical. This is the first step you should take to determine if your roof is in good condition for a solar installation.

Depending on the age and flaws you have with your roof, you could need a replacement or repair.

A quality contractor specializes in both roofing and solar installations. Get in touch with a professional who will analyze your roof to determine if it can support solar panels.

3. Ask the Solar Contractor For References

A reputable solar installer has good references from his clients. Be sure to ask for this information up front, so you can check his references.

Taking the time to contact the installer’s previous clients helps you to determine if you’re doing business with a suitable company. A professional installer should be ready to provide you with references and proof of his completed projects. 

4. Do You Provide Coverage For Solar Equipment?

How long will your solar system remain functional? A solar system warranty gives you the guarantee that you’re getting coverage for solar parts and components. Find out from the contractor if there is a full solar system warranty. 

When there is a malfunction with your panels, you will know who to call to resolve the problem.

5. What is the Best Solar System For Your Roof?

If this is your first time using solar energy, you could be confused about choosing the right solar system for your roof. In this case, you need to find out from the contractor about the solar system that’s more suited for your property.

A knowledgeable contractor will be ready to provide you with information about various solar panels and their benefits. He will also help you to decide which power system is best for you.

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Knowing what questions to ask a solar energy contractor gives you peace of mind there will be no damages to your roof during the installation process. You have a better chance to get a solar installation that fits your needs and budget.

If you want to learn more about solar panels and getting a service for a competitive price, contact us for a free quote.

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