How Much Do Solar Panels Cost and What Affects the Price

On average, it costs $3 per watt for solar panels in your home. But figuring out what that means in real dollars and real energy power is a different story.

What about low-cost solar panels? Are they even an option? Here tell you exactly what goes into solar panel pricing, and how you can figure out how much you need.

Here are the top factors that go into solar panel cost.

Quality Matters

Buying cheap solar panels may save you money in the installation – but it’ll cost you more over the long run. Cheap solar panels don’t always convert solar to power as effectively and may require more maintenance. 

When you’re picking out solar panels, you’re not looking to save money on the initial cost. That’s a bad mentality to get into that will cost you in the long run. Instead, do your research and find a high-quality brand you stand by. They should convert efficiently, and be reliable. 

If you’re worried about installation costs, look into getting a solar loan. These loans often require $0 down, and monthly payments are often lower than your previous electric bill. So you’ll start seeing savings from your solar panels right away. 

Home Size

How much house you want to power with solar panels will affect how much you have to spend on panels. Most often, you can get a rough estimate for your solar panels by doing a square foot home estimate.

But you also need to factor in how much energy your family uses. If you run a lot of high energy appliances or spend a lot of time at home on the computer, that will affect your energy use.

Consider Cost-Saving Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to getting solar panels. They improve the resale price of your home. Energy savings on your electric bills start immediately. And don’t forget you get great tax deductions for going solar.

These don’t factor into getting low-cost solar panels right away. But you should consider them when you decide if installing solar panels is worth it for your home.

On top of that, solar panels are an eco-friendly choice. Installing solar panels on your home strengthens your local power grid. This helps to cut the nation’s energy pollution.

In 2016, the US released 1,763 million metric tons CO2 into the atmosphere, just from burning coal for energy. Solar power can cut that.

Low-Cost Solar Panels Rely on A Lot of Factors

When you’re looking for low-cost solar panels, keep in mind the long-term returns. Opting for cheap panels can mean they’re less effective. Or they’ll need more maintenance over the long run.

Instead, you can cut your solar power installation cost by owning a smaller home. You can also use less electricity. And don’t forget about how much the panels will save you. You get amazing tax deductions, and a system typically pays for itself in 7 or 8 years.

Ready to find out how much it will cost to get solar for your home? Get a free solar panel quote here.

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