5 Signs Your Home is a Good Solar Panel Candidate

solar panel candidate

How would you like to save $3,000 (or more!) a year on your energy bill?

It’s not a pipe dream; that’s how much one man from Massachusetts recouped going solar. In seven to eight years, after installing solar panels, he’ll be able to stash that money away into a savings account.

We all want to cut down on how much we spend on bills, right? Especially one that fluctuates monthly like the electric bill.

If you’re tired of surprises and are ready to have your electric bill work for you, keep reading to see if you’re a solar panel candidate. (Chances are, you’re a shoo-in!)

Your Roof Is In Ideal Working Condition

For a residential solar system to work, your roof needs to be in tip-top shape. Missing shingles, structural damage, or old age impact your desire to get solar panels.

Before making the call to a solar installation service, ask yourself these questions first. They’ll help you answer whether or not your roof can handle the weight.

Does It Need to Be Replaced?

Missing and curling shingles are only two tell-tale signs your roof is in need of a replacement. If you’re thinking that’s no big deal, think again.

Solar panels are heavy and will impact your roof further if it’s not in good condition. What a bummer it’d be to have to remove them because of that! You can kiss all that potential extra money saved goodbye.

What Type of Roof Do You Have?

Solar panels aren’t installed on every roof. Take a wood roof, for example. Not only can it become a fire hazard, but the panels will also compromise the integrity of the material.

If you have a metal or composite roof, you can breathe easily. These two are the best options as they’ll be able to take the weight and the heat.

How Far a Tilt?

Pitched roofs are ideal for solar panels as they slant toward the sun. Flat roofs aren’t out of the running entirely. Extra brackets may be needed so they tilt at the correct angle.

Adequate Sunlight Is There

When thinking about solar panels for homes, and if your home is suited for them, think of the classic Beatles song. Sunlight is vital, as it’s converted into the energy needed to power your home.

Shade, overcast, and panel placement make a huge difference. But know it’s possible to install solar panels even in places that receive unpredictable weather.

And, if need be, in certain circumstances, solar panels can be installed elsewhere than just a roof. That’s where a ground-mounted system comes into play. However, solar panels are most effective when elevated.

Knowing If You’re a Good Solar Panel Candidate

Being struck monthly with a high electricity bill doesn’t have to be your story forever. By knowing you’re a good solar panel candidate, you can start saving money as soon as panels are installed.

Don’t leave here questioning whether it’s the right move. You’re already a smart person, now it’s time to become a smart homeowner.

Contact us today and we’ll even give you a free quote!

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