6 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many homeowners, like yourself, are coming to recognize the benefits of solar energy and are making the leap to install a residential solar system. Some homeowners even try to install the panel system themselves.

Do-it-yourself projects are fun to take on and most of the time, it saves you a lot of money. However, there are certain home improvement projects that you should not attempt on your own. Solar is one of them.

Below are six common solar panel installation mistakes people make when attempting to DIY the project.

1. Not Checking Your Roof Condition

If you’ve ever seen solar panels on a roof, you know that these panels are quite big. One panel can weigh between 30 to 50 pounds and the entire weight of your solar panel system will then depend on how much energy your house requires.

One of the most common solar panel installation mistakes people make is forgetting to check that your roof is in good enough condition to support the solar panel system.

2. Not Consulting Solar Experts

Even if you’re a hardcore DIY kind of person, it helps to consult a residential solar expert when thinking about installing solar panels for home.

Residential solar contractors have an intimate knowledge of existing solar incentives by the federal government, the Missouri state, and local cities like Kansas City.

Even if you choose not to hire their help, consulting with them can give you a better idea of the smartest way to go about installing solar panels.

3. Wiring Your Residential Solar System Wrong

The National Fire Protection Association found that electrical distribution ranked the third-highest in causes for home fires between 2014-2018. Incorrect wiring and related electrical equipment led to at least 34,000 home fires between this period.

One of the primary concerns of installing solar panels on your own is wiring your solar system incorrectly. This can lead to an eventual house fire that could destroy your property and hurt yourself and your loved ones.

4. Overloading Your Inverter Capacity

If you already have a solar panel system and you’re looking to add a few more to increase your system’s energy output, you may consider doing it on your own. However, installing panels to an existing residential solar system requires doing the math beforehand. You must know the maximum load your inverter is capable of handling before going about adding a new panel. 

An overloaded inverter in constant use can lead to power surges or permanent damage to your inverter. 

5. Placing Your Panels At the Wrong Location

Installing solar panels is not only about getting the panels on the roof. It’s a bit of a science to figure out the placement of the solar panels that allow for optimal energy capturing.

You must take into account the position of your house, your roof, and the sun throughout the day to know where to place your solar panels. If you wish to place the panels on the ground, you must figure out the precise angle for the panels to capture the most sun. 

6. Using Cheap Panels

The last common mistake people make when trying to install their solar panels is going for cheap panels. Cheap panels are more prone to cracking under rough weather conditions, and once your panels have cracked, they cannot support your home’s energy needs.

Avoid These Common Solar Panel Installation Mistakes

Going solar moves the needle in the right direction, but don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. Avoid these common solar panel installation mistakes in your solar installation process.

Consult with our Missouri solar experts to help you make this home improvement project of yours a breeze!

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