Going Solar: 6 Major Reasons Your Kansas City Home Should Use Solar Energy

Last year, 2019, saw record growth in the US solar energy industry and it’s not expected to slow any time soon.  

This growth means that solar is getting cheaper. In both Missouri and Kansas, prices have dropped by 36% over the last 5 years.

Keep reading to find out why you should switch over to solar right now. 

1. Solar Energy Saves You Money From the Outset

Unlike playing the stock market, or putting money in the bank, you’ll see a return on your solar investment immediately. 

You’ll start saving 100% on your energy bills from the moment you say goodbye to grid-powered electricity. Even when you take the cost of paying back your solar loan into consideration, you’ll still be saving on energy costs every month.

Contact us here to see how much you could save in dollars and cents.

2. There’s Finance Available

Many homeowners argue that the initial cost of solar is unaffordable. Yet, you can finance your solar installation, just like any other home improvement option.

Several banks and finance companies offer this facility.  

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy 26% off your income tax when you install solar.

3. The Value of Your Home Will Increase

A solar-powered house is worth more and easier to sell, simply because it costs less to run.

If you ever decide to put your home on the market, the gains you stand to make from the sale can outweigh the cost of the initial installation.

4. It’s a Sustainable Option

You don’t need to be a tree-hugger to embrace the concept of clean energy. Whether we like it or not, it’s time for all of us to work together towards slowing global warming. 

Solar energy has numerous environmental benefits. It reduces your carbon footprint and helps decrease air pollution, for starters. 

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Most solar manufacturers offer a 25-year production warranty and if you choose a reputable installer, they’ll guarantee their workmanship too.

Nowadays, the solar-buying process is a lot quicker and simpler than it has been in the past. That means you’re assured of a hassle-free experience from the start when you go solar.

6. Do Your Bit for the Economy

The US currently imports almost 10 million barrels of crude oil and petroleum products daily. 

When you switch to solar, you’re helping decrease our dependence on other nations. You’re also supporting local people already employed in the solar industry and helping create jobs as the industry grows.

Don’t Miss Out

A solar energy system would’ve saved you money while you were reading this article. 

Keep reading our blog for more information or get in touch to discuss the best option for your Kansas City home. You can also take a look at who we serve to see if you are in our service area!

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