Go Solar! A Guide to Using Solar Energy to Power Your House

Everyone wants to do as much as they can to save money and be environmentally friendly. With power creation through coal power plants and only a small fraction made through renewable methods, homeowners have the power to become independent.

Solar energy for homes allows you to create your own energy and lower your carbon footprint. Solar power is efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s become one of the most popular alternatives to standard power and it grows more every year.

Learn about the many ways solar energy can help make your life easier and the many ways it can power your home.

Solar Energy for Homes Requires Solar Panels

The most popular way to use solar power is to have it power your entire home. You need to install solar energy panels to your roof or through a small solar farm. Once connected, the solar panels are connected to a battery that collects the power and uses it throughout the home.

You can power your home partially through solar power. Solar panels connect to your main power system. It runs everything in the home from the furnace to your television.

Solar Lights Require No Electrical Hook Up

Many times, people have lights outside of their homes to light naturally dark areas. They could be in your backyard or along a path in the country. If you have barns or outbuildings, then they can light these areas as well.

The problem with most outdoor lighting is they require expensive electrical hookup in order to be installed. You may not want to run electricity all the way to an outbuilding, just so you can see at night.

Solar lighting collects power throughout the day and uses that stored power at night. There is no electrical hookup needed. You just set them up and they’re ready to go.

It’s also independent, so if a storm knocks out power, then the solar lights will still work until the main power comes back on. 

Solar Generators are Perfect for Emergencies

Electricity from the main grid can go out. Storms and other issues that are nowhere near you can still cause power loss. Solar generators can help power your home during these times and you’ll never need to add fuel.

Generators run off fossil fuels and other types of fuel eventually run out. You’ll need to refill the fuel or have no power. They’re also very loud and not great for the environment.

Solar generators are silent and use the power of the sun, so you don’t have to worry about fuel. 

Solar Power is a Smart Alternative

Solar energy for homes has been around for a while, but technological advances have made it more efficient and less expensive. You can be less dependent on the power company and help the environment by using solar energy to power your home.

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